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Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush Court Miami’s Cuban-American Voters September 22, 2012

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The Cuban experience is in no way the Latino standard. Irishlion7 makes that abundantly clear. So why are the Republican’s trying to put this message in the minds of the rest of the Americans of Latino descent?

I cannot answer with accuracy and speculation leads one in the direction that the GOP has decided to keep pursuing in spite of its obvious failure. Graying the truth used to work in their favor when no one could call them on it. They are not above lying outright either. How can you tell? If you hear them say the word Obama, all that follows is a lie.

The diversity of the Hispanic experience is too grand to encapsulate in a single perspective. The question of why use the Cubans as a benchmark reference back to the success of Cuban Americans on the Florida peninsular. Has any other Latino community been as successful any p[lace else? Dumb question… why of course, but to here the GOP tell it, Those communities from Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX (including Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico And Colorado) are populated by illegals aliens or other undesirables who are not exemplary of the Hispanic contribution to the United States.

You know, that is really funny, because just the other day I was watch a silent tribute to a fallen warrior whose body just arrived from Afghanistan. The surname of that Soldier was definitely Hispanic. His remains we definitely headed to my hometown. Blood, don’t wash off Mitt.
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